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The development of the project is temporarily stopped. I'm quite busy lately so I have no time to spare for the program. When I'm done with the other stuff, I promise to reestablish the development. If you are interested in developing Console-SETI please contact me so I can put you in the delvelopers list.

This project was started as a UNIX-shell based program, but ever after the first release (0.1a) it was rewritten in Python to avoid some problems caused by bash. It uses the "user_info.sah" and the "state.sah" files created by SETI@Home to analyse the current status and some information about the user. It displays whatever i think is needed, you can see it on the snapshot provided. If you think there should be more info, please contact me [dnanev at users dot sourceforge dot net] You can also contact me about anything concerning the project, including bug info, support etc.

Now working on

0.3-pre3 in progress...
I'm still trying to figure out how I can trace a PID, and this could take quite a long. Yes, there is a 'pid.sah' file, containing the PID of the ./setiathome process, but now I'm looking for a function in Python which sees if there is such PID. If you now such function, please tell me. Thank you.

Project history

0.3-pre2 May-14-2002
Oooops, forgot about M$ Windows users. You can again use a 'config' file, based in the directory that contains the script, but you must create it by yourself. Sorry about that...

0.3-pre1 May-13-2002
I have removed the 'config' file from the directory. Now you just have to create your own config file - /etc/seticonfig (if you have root access), or ~/.setirc to load from your home directory. It must do the same as the previous one - set the seti_homedir variable. The syntax is the same: seti_homedir='/path/to/the/directory/that/contains/setiathome'. Ans don't forget the quotes, they are really important for Python. Oh, and I also changed the type of the percent variable - from two int's into one float. Guess that makes the script a bit shorter ;o)

0.2.1 May-12-2002
A couple of minor bug fixes, including improved windows compatibility (removed colors), also some comments. If you want to edit the script and want to traceback the error messages, at the end of the file (#EOF) replace the:

        print 'Please edit your config file!'


        import traceback

and you will get all the error messages you want =)

0.2.0 May-12-2002
No new features added, just rewritten in python, as I promised. I didn't have time to test it for bugs (couldn't wait so long), so please, if you notice any, contact me or use some bugtraq on, or some project forum. I'd love to help if I can. And if you have ANY idea about new features, please tell me...Oh, and the check-if-seti-is-running check is gone, i have to figure out how simulate the ps -A function in Python. I think that's all.

0.1a May-02-2002
This is the first release, it has been tested on my pc only (Intel Celeron 366, 160Mb RAM; running with Gentoo Linux 1.1a; BASH 2.05a.0(1)-release). I have a lot of work on it, but most of all, I will rewrite it in Python because of some bugs i've noticed. When the work is 08% done, bash shows an error message, because it thinks that 08 is an octal value. So ver.0.2 will come in Python. That's all for now.

[snapshot] | [snapshot2]

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